Himeji Station

The attached photos are the area around Himeji station of JR West Kobe Line, Shinkansen and Sanyo Electric Railway.In the surrounding area of the stations, there are a department store and newly constructed shopping mall.A main street runs from the stations towards Himeji castle, which seen from the street is very attractive.One of the attached photos is an express train of Sanyo Electric Railway ...


Himeji Castle

In early April 2018 I went to Himeji Castle by trains (Hanshin Electric Railway / Sanyo Electric Railway).I have visited Himeji Castle at least 5 times since childhood, but it was the first time since the major restration (2009 - 2015) was completed.The building becomes very white more than before, which is really worthy of being referred as a "white heron". I enjoyed the splendor of the castle fr...