Akadou sha (Red body car) Hanshin Railway

The attached raiway vehicle is called Akadou sha (Red body car), a vehicle for express service that runs on the Hanshin Railway's Mukogawa Line.The type of the vehicle was manufactured in 1970 and is scheduled to be out of operation in June of this year.Please ride on the vehicle and enjoy how very cool this vehicle is!...


Koshien Susanoo Shrine

On the other day's holiday, I visited a shrine called "Koshien Susanoo Shrine" adjacent to Hanshin Koshien baseball Stadium located in Nishinomiya.A ring called "chinowa"as shown in the photo was set up in the precincts, and it is said that if you pass through this ring as instructed, you can receive the benefits of disease-free.I wished the vanish of corona virus from the earth and the best healt...


Fresh green and Koinobori (May 2019)

The season of fresh green has come!I walked along Shukugawa river to enjoy the fresh green.As shown in the pictures, there are many "carp shaped streamers"(Koinobori) decorated across the river.It matched very well with fresh green, and was so beautiful!From early May you can see various kinds of "Koinobori" hung up outside houses or building etc. to celebrate Children's day on 5th May.The purpose...


New Year's shrine/temple visit and Sun-rise 2020

I made the New Year's visit to Mondo Yakujin and Nishinomiya shrine as usual.In addition, I went to Omae Hama (Koroen Hama) to see the New Year's sun-rise and enjoy walking along the coast.I expected that there are less crowded as usual as I arrive at the both places in the early morning.But this time, the both places were a little bit crowded compared to the previous year.So, next year I may need...


Naruo Hama

The other day I went to a hot spa facility in Naruo Hama in Nishinomiya city (the southern part of Nishinomiya city ) to refresh my body with a hot spring bath.The photo shows the hot spring bath facility named Kumanono Sato located in the area.Here you can soak your body in the natural hot spring and enjoy Ganbanyoku (Hot stoned bath).Ganbanyoku means sauna-like spa which you lie on warm natura...