Okayama Station - 2

The attached photos are the trains taken at JR West Okayama station.1. Shinkansen "Hikari Rail Star"This bullet train is an express type train running between Shin-Osaka and Hakata.Its commercial operation started in 2000. Even now it gets popular among many passengers with the comfortability of the seat.2. Limited express "Yakumo"I rode this train from Okayama to Izumo City. I sat on a business c...


Okayama Station - 1

For my Shimane trip in July 2016, I took a Shinkansen "Sakura" from Shin-Kobe to Okayama, and then I took a JR West's express train "Yakumo" from Okayama station and stayed at Izumo-shi.Attached the photos were taken at Okayama Station.At the station I had lunch at a restaurant, enjoyed omelets and muscat juice.Muscat is a specialty of Okayama and it is a very delicious fruit.When you visit Okayam...