New Year shrine/temple visit 2021 pt.2

After visiting Nishinomiya shrine and Mondoyakujin, I went to Kyoto to visit the several shrines by train (Hankyu Electric Railways and Kyoto City Subway).I firstly visited Seimei shrine.Seimei shrine is a famous for its benefits of protecting against evil spirits and luck-bringing.After visit the shrine, I also visited Mikane-shrine. The shrine is a famous for bringing economic fortune luck of mo...


New Year shrine/temple visit 2020 pt.2

On January 4th, I went to various places with my friends in addition to annual visit to a shrine in Kyoto.The destinations are as follows.Nishinomiya: Mondo Yakujin(Second time visit this year), Nishinomiya GardensKyoto: Seimei Shrine, Mikane ShrineOsaka: Central Umeda AreaAmagasaki: Amagasaki Castle, Amagasaki Ebisu Shrine,SpaIn the New Year, each railway company sells various types of reasonabl...


Kyoto Railway Museum

It is a railway museum located in Kyoto, opened in April 2016.The vehicles and equipment of the former Japan National Railways and JR West are mainly exhibited.In addition, there is a fan-shaped locomotive garage on the premises, where various types of steam locomotives are parked.Also possible to get on a passenger car pulled by a steam locomotive.There is no doubt that you will have a good time ...


The first shrine visit 2019 - 2

On January 3, 2019, I visited Uchide-Ten shrine which is near my house and then I went to Nishinomiya and Kyoto with my friend by train.As the same as last year, we visited Mondo Yakujin, Seimei shirine and Mikane shrine.There were many people in all the places.I hope the new year will bring you good luck and happiness!Uchide-Ten Shrine (Ashiya, Hyogo)Mondo Yakujin (Nishinomiya, Hyogo)Seimei Shri...


Seimei Shrine / Mikane Shrine

On 7th January I went to Kyoto with my friend to enjoy the atmosphere of New Year's Kyoto.Attached photos are the shrines we visited.· Seimei ShrineThis shrine enshrines Abe no Seimei (921-1005 A.D.) who is famous for a yin-yang master.It is said that there is a benefit to ward off evil spirits.To access the shrine, using Kyoto Subway is convenient, 15 minutes on foot from Imadegawa station.・Mika...