Toriimoto Station

This station is located in OHMI railway main line in Hikone city, Shiga prefecture.The station building, built in 1931, has attacted many visitors because of its western style antique appearance.I hope this station building will be preserved forever as it is today!...


OHMI Railway

OHMI Railway is a railway company in Shiga prefecture.The operation of the railway covers wide area of the eastern part of Shiga prefecture from Maibara / Hikone to Oumi-hachiman(a famous city where you can enjoy its beautiful scenery of lakeside), Taga taisya (one of the oldest and famous shrines in Shiga prefecture) or Koga region (a famous city for Ninja) etc.Most of its vehicles are second-han...



Hikone is a city in Shiga Prefecture, located about 80 km east of Kyoto.The area was ruled by "Ii" clan, who got an important position of Tokugawa Shogunate such as "Roju" (member of the shogun's council of elders) throughout the Edo era from generation to generation.Hikone castle is a must-see sightseeing spot, designated as a national treasure. Its very beautiful appearance has been fascinated b...


Shin-Yokaichi Station

The photos attached are the building of Shin-Yokaichi station of Ohmi Railway Yokkaichi Line, located in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture.Along with Toriimoto station, this station has a very retro atmosphere.Unfortunately the time when I visited the station was an evening in autumn, so the photos taken at the time might not show you how attractive the station building is.Someday I will visit thi...


Taga Taisha

Taga Taisha is one of the famous shrines in Shiga prefecture, and it is said that the founding was over 1,300 years ago.It has attracted many visitors who wish for marriage and longevity as enshrining the deities of those. In the shrine there is a steep slope bridge named Taikou-bashi.It is also said that your wish will come true after crossing the bridge.You can access the shrine by a 10-minute w...