Ichibata Electric Railway

Ichibata Electric Railway operate trains between Dentetsu Izumoishi and Izumo Taisha or Matsue.I rode their trains from Dentetsu Izumoshi to Izumo Taisha. The journey took about 20 minutes.A unique point of the railway company is that they use the trains which were previously used by the other railway companies.The attached photo is a train of Nankai Railway 3000 series, which was given to Ichibat...


Izumo Taisha

Izumo Taisha is one of the oldest and famous shrines in Japan, alongside Ise Jingu.The area of the shrine has a very spiritual atmosphere, especially the main hall's large sacred rope is very impressive.The way of worshiping at the main hall is different from many other shrines, most of which enshrine the emperor's ancestors.The practice applied for most shrine is 2 bows, clapping your hands twice...


Izumo Soba

"Izumo soba" is a buckwheat noodle widely eaten in Izumo area of Shimane prefecture.It's tray consists of a three-tiered stack. The soup needs to be poured directly into each tray before eating it.As you can seen from the attached photos, there are many food shops such as seafood restaurant in addition to soba shops near Izumo Taisha.If you visit Izumo Taisha, please enter the shops and enjoy the ...


Express Bus "Port Lake"

For seeking transportation between Izumo and Kobe, if you do not use a train, an express bus is availlable.The journey time is around 5 hours and it costs about 5000 yen. It is very convenient and reasonable, also of course no need to transfer.The attached picture taken at Izumoshi station is an express bus called "Port Lake", operated by Chugoku JR Bus Company....


Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo

It is a facility opened adjacent to Izumo Taisha in 2007.Here you can learn about the history of Izumo and the history of Shimane prefecture.It could be a good experience for you to visit here and deepen your knowledge of the history of this area after visiting Izumo Taisha!...