Ashiya's cherry blossoms 2020

On April 4th 2020, I walked from my home to Hankyu Ashiyagawa station and then got on a train to Oji Koen station to see the cherry blossoms of Kobe Oji Zoo, which has become an annual event with my friends and me!During the walk I photographed cherry trees planted along Ashiya river as attached photos.It seemed to me that it would take a little more time until the full bloom, but I enjoyed the be...


Dai-nankou Sensekihi (Battle Field Monument)

This monument is located in the east of Ashiya city, it takes about 12 minutes walk from Uchide staion of Hanshin Electric Railway.It was built by the owner of this land in 1935 to respect Kusunoki Masashige(1294?- 1336), a military commander who existed in the 14th century, famous for fighting for Emperor Go-Daigo with loyalty.It is said that Kusunoki Masashige camped in this area to fight Great ...


Ashiya Marine Center

It is a general marine sports facility operated by Hyogo prefecture. Yachts and canoes can be rented at reasonable prices, also this facility provide yachts & canoe schools at all times.The pictures were taken on an early sunday morning in winter....


Ashiya City Library Uchide Branch / Uchide Park

This buidling is a branch of Ashiya city library, located at about 200m north of Uchide station of Hanshin Railway.In the past this branch was the main library before the new library was bulit in 1987 (It is situated about 1 km southwest from here). It was built in Osaka in the late Meiji era, and was transferred here in 1930.Because of its profound external appearance,it is disignated as a nation...


Fireworks of Ashiya Summer Carnival 2019

The attached photos show fireworks of Ashiya Summer Carnival held on July 27 2019, taken from my home.It was expected the event will not take place this time because of a typhoon approaching, but the rain stopped in the afternoon and fireworks were launched as scheduled.It is sorry these picture's quality is not good !Regarding the last year's fireworks, please see the aritcle here....