Woody Town Chuo Station

Woody Town Chuo station is a terminal station of Kobe Electric Railway Koen-Toshi Line in Sanda city,Hyogo prefecture(located about 35 km northwest of Osaka)."Woody Town" is a new town developed in 1987.This well-maintained town has a large commercial complex and specialty shops.Attractive points of this town are having rich green and cleanness of the air.Access to Osaka or Kobe is easily possible...


Sanda Station (Kobe Electric Railway)

The attached picture are Sanda station of Kobe Electric Railway, taken at night.From here, you can access to Arima Onsen, Ao, Suzurandai and Kobe-Shinkaichi.Also, JR West Sanda station is located adjacent to this station. It is convenient to access to Osaka area by using JR West.Sanda is famous for delicious beef. Steak, Sukiyaki / Shabu-shabu (thinly sliced beef cooked in an iron pot, with variou...