Ao Station

It is a station of JR West Kakogawa Line, Kobe Electric Railway Ao Line and Hojo Railway.The station building for the above 3 railways is integrated.As for Kobe Electric Railway Ao Line and Hojo Railway, it is the end point station.Ao is a town belonged to Ono city, Hyogo Prefecture.The area around the station is quiet and peaceful!Station BuildingKobe Electric Railway Hojo RailwayJR West...


Ao: Rice Field and River

After walking to east for about 20 minutes from Ao station, you will see beautiful rice fields and a first grade river Kakogawa.Your mind will be relaxed when seeing the beauty of the rice fields and the flow of clear water in the river.You can also see a railway bridge of Kobe Electric Railway Ao Line constructed on the river.It could be one of the best place to take a picture for railway fans!Pl...