Limited Express Hamakaze

It is a diesel powered express train operated by West Japan Railway, runs between Osaka and Tottori. Between Osaka and Tottori, this train stops at Kobe, Akashi, Himeji, Takeda, Wadayama, Kasumi, Hamasaka etc.The attached picture was taken at Wadayama station on a day of the late July in 2013. The name plate on the front of the train shows Takeda Castle Ruins, posted on this blog, has become a fa...


Limited Express Kuroshio 283 Series

The photo attached taken at Shin-Osaka station is a limited express train "Kuroshio" 283 series, operated by JR West.I rode this train to visit Kumano Taisha, one of the oldest and sacred shrines in Japan, in the summer of 2016.This express train runs between Kyoto and Shirahama / Kii Katsuura / Shingu in Wakayama Prefecture.Especially in summer, a lot of people use this train to go to Shirahama, ...


Limited Express Kuroshio 289 series

After visiting Kumano Taisha, I returned to Kii Tanabe station by bus, and then rode the limited express Kuroshio(289 series) to go back to Osaka.I took some photos of the Pacific Ocean seen from a car window of Kuroshio.Unfortunately it was cloudy on the day, but I enjoyed the beaulful and wide view of the Pacific Ocean very much!...


Limited Express Soya

On 25th July 2017, I took the limited express train "Soya" operated by JR Hokkaido.It runs between Sapporo and Wakkanai for one round trip per day, takes about 5 hours for one way.Even though the long hours of riding on the train, I did not get bored until reaching Wakkanai thanks to wonderful views from the train window.One of the attached pictures is a mountain of Rishiri Island, called Rishiri ...


Sapporo Municipal Subway

I used the subway for access to Hokkaido Jingu and Sapporo Dome.Please get off at Maruyama Koen Station (T06) on Tozai-line to Hokkaido Jingu and at Fukuzumi Station (H14) on Toho Line to Sapporo Dome.During the summer the train's air-conditioning equipment seems not to be used (even may not be installed) because the temperature and humidity in Sapporo are not so high as the other regions.So if yo...