Kishiwada Castle

The castle is located in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture. Initially the castle was built in the near place over 650 years ago. In the Edo period, the castle was re-built as a shape like as the attached by Okabe clan, the lord of Kishiwada domain.The view of the town from the castle is spectacular. In addition, the rock garden in the castle called Hachijin No Niwa (garden of eight battle formation...


The first shrine visit 2019 - 2

On January 3, 2019, I visited Uchide-Ten shrine which is near my house and then I went to Nishinomiya and Kyoto with my friend by train.As the same as last year, we visited Mondo Yakujin, Seimei shirine and Mikane shrine.There were many people in all the places.I hope the new year will bring you good luck and happiness!Uchide-Ten Shrine (Ashiya, Hyogo)Mondo Yakujin (Nishinomiya, Hyogo)Seimei Shri...


The first shrine visit 2019 (Nishinomiya Shrine)

I made the first New Year's visit to Nishinomiya shrine as usual.I arrived at the shrine in the early morning around a.m.6:30.I like visiting the shrine early morning, since there is always less crowded!・Burning place(called "Otaki-age")In the New Year period, a burning place is set in the precincts to burn old amulets for purifying.Usually, the effective period of amulets purchased at shrine is ...