The last day of Heisei era

Today, the last day of the Heisei era (the current name of the imperial era), I enjoyed karaoke, brunch, and lunch with my friend in Kobe Sannomiya.We selected a variety of songs from 1970s to recent ones for Karaoke.I am not very good at karaoke, but I could surprisingly get more than 80 points when I sang an 80's animation song!After enjoying karaoke for about 2 hours, we had a cup of tea at a c...


Nofukuji Temple

This Tendai sect temple is one of the famous temples in Kobe.It is said that this temple was built in 805, and is Japan's first site where the edification of Esoteric Buddhism took place.Also it is a famous temple related to Taira no Kiyomori(1118-1181 A.D.), in 1180 this temple was designated as the prayer hall of Heike (Taira) clan along with the planning of the capital move from Kyoto to Fukuh...


East Rokko Observatory

Between Ashiya and Arima Onsen (a famous hot spring town located at north part of Kobe), a road called "Royu driveway" runs . On the way, there is "Higashi Rokko Tenboudai(East Rokko Observatory)" at a height of 645m above sea level.From here you can see the wide and beautiful scenery of Osaka and Kobe.Especially, the night view is excellent!Every year many visitors flock to the place to see the s...


Spring of Shukugawa 2019

7th April 2019, I walked on the promenade of Shukugawa(Shukugawa Oasis road), which is well known for it's beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.The cherry trees were almost all of full bloom, and there were many viewers, walkers and joggers.The promenade always refreshes my mind every time walking on the road , thanks to the changes of the surroundings according to the seasons.Please come and see ...


Spring of Ashiya River / Kobe Oji Zoo 2019

April 6th 2019, I walked along Ashiya river and then went to Kobe Oji Zoo with a friend of mine to enjoy seeing cherry blossoms and animals in the zoo.The cherry trees were not in full bloom, so the full blooming will be in a few days.All animals at the Zoo are really so cute!Among them I was interesting to see a giraffe stretching its neck to eat cherry trees branches as shown the attached photo...



Shitennoji is a very old temple located in Tennoji ward, Osaka city, said to have been founded in 593 AD.It is said that this temple was built by a famous imperial families politician named "Prince Shotoku (Shotoku Taishi)", who is highly revered in Japan (other temples built by Shotoku Taishi include Horyuji Temple in Nara, which is designated as a World Heritage Site).Moreover, this temple is sa...