Fireworks of Ashiya Summer Carnival 2019

The attached photos show fireworks of Ashiya Summer Carnival held on July 27 2019, taken from my home.It was expected the event will not take place this time because of a typhoon approaching, but the rain stopped in the afternoon and fireworks were launched as scheduled.It is sorry these picture's quality is not good !Regarding the last year's fireworks, please see the aritcle here....


Morning at a cafe in Sannomiya

Yesterday, I enjoyed having a chat with a friend in the morning at a cafe in Sannomiya.After that, I went to a local government office to renew my passport.In Kobe Sannomiya, there are lots of fashionable cafes which provide you relaxed atmosphere as well as delicious coffee, salads, parfaits and sandwiches.August 3rd, a fireworks festival (The 49 th Kobe Minato Fireworks Festival) will be held ...