Cape Soya

Cape Soya is located at the northern end of Japan.To visit there, I took a Soya Bus's sightseeing tour (I recommend you ask Soya Bus to make a reservation in advance).There is Soya Strait (La Pérouse Strait) between Wakkanai and Karafuto (Sakhalin). The distance is short, just about 40 km. Also, the interesting point is that the water depth in the strait is shallow (approx. 30 to 70 meters).I coul...


Wakkanai Sightseeing Bus Tour

During the stay in Wakkanai on 25-26th July 2017, I took a 4-hours sightseeting tour which begins from Wakkanai bus terminal at 14:00 (It costs about 3,600 yen (approx. $30/€27)).The main spots of the route is the following. ・Wakkanai Port Kita Bohatei Dome A large breakwater at Wakkanai Port, built over 5 years from 1931.・Wakkanai City Hoppo-Kinenkan A tower which was built on the hill of Wakka...



The pictures attached show Wakkanai, located at the north part of Hokkaido.These picures were taken from Wakkanai City Hoppo-Kinenkan (observatory tower) located at hill. You can see dozens of ships sailing on beautiful blue sea. it was very impressive moment for me.I travelled to Hokkaido in July 2017 for 4 days .Purpose of the visit is that I wanted to enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious foods...