On September 28th, I went to Koshien, situated in Nishinomiya city, to have a chat with my friends.Koshien is famous for the home ground of a professional baseball team called "Hanshin Tigers".Baseball game was not held on that day, and there were not so many people around the stadium.We enjoyed chatting for about 3 hours at a restaurant and cafe (Starbucks) in a shopping mall called “LaLaport”, ...


Autumnal Equinox Day

In the morning of 22nd Sep, the day before 23rd Sep (Autumnal Equinox Day), I visited my family's graveyard located in Kobe city to pay respect my ancestors.Bad weather was expected due to a typhoon approaching, but there was almost no rain.The photo is Ojizo san (statue of the Buddhist deity) standing in the graveyard.In Japan, Spring Equinox Day is set at the end of March and Autumnal Equinox ...


OHMI Railway

OHMI Railway is a railway company in Shiga prefecture.The operation of the railway covers wide area of the eastern part of Shiga prefecture from Maibara / Hikone to Oumi-hachiman(a famous city where you can enjoy its beautiful scenery of lakeside), Taga taisya (one of the oldest and famous shrines in Shiga prefecture) or Koga region (a famous city for Ninja) etc.Most of its vehicles are second-han...



Hikone is a city in Shiga Prefecture, located about 80 km east of Kyoto.The area was ruled by "Ii" clan, who got an important position of Tokugawa Shogunate such as "Roju" (member of the shogun's council of elders) throughout the Edo era from generation to generation.Hikone castle is a must-see sightseeing spot, designated as a national treasure. Its very beautiful appearance has been fascinated b...


Intercity Express Bus (Wakkanai - Sapporo)

For returning to Sapporo from Wakkanai, I used the express bus "Wakkanai-Go" operated by HOKUTO KOTSU (URL: http://www.hokto.co.jp/b_wakkanai.htm).It takes about 6 hours, 1 hour longer than the limited express train Soya. But the fare is 6,200 yen ($55/€46), much cheaper than that of the train (10,450 yen (approx.$92/€78)).The fare becomes 7,340 yen if you use the local train, but it is probably i...