Ashiya Marine Center

It is a general marine sports facility operated by Hyogo prefecture. Yachts and canoes can be rented at reasonable prices, also this facility provide yachts & canoe schools at all times.The pictures were taken on an early sunday morning in winter....


Ashiya City Library Uchide Branch / Uchide Park

This buidling is a branch of Ashiya city library, located at about 200m north of Uchide station of Hanshin Railway.In the past this branch was the main library before the new library was bulit in 1987 (It is situated about 1 km southwest from here). It was built in Osaka in the late Meiji era, and was transferred here in 1930.Because of its profound external appearance,it is disignated as a nation...


Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima line

In early October I took Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima line for the first time as I had a thing to take care of.The photo is Watanabebashi Station on the line.Nakanoshima Line is approx. 3.0 km distance line connecting between Nakanoshima on and Tenmanbashi.There are international conference/concert halls, museum and famous hotel etc. along the line, and so it is very convenient to access the...


SOGO Kobe Store

On October 5th, I went to Kobe Sannomiya to have a meeting with a friend of mine.I took the attached photo on my way home.The building in the photo had a department store "SOGO" as a key tenant until the end of September, but from October 5, "Hankyu(阪急) department store", a company of Hankyu Railway Group which is especially famous for operating "Takarazuka Revue", entered the building.The "...