Kyoto Railway Museum

It is a railway museum located in Kyoto, opened in April 2016.The vehicles and equipment of the former Japan National Railways and JR West are mainly exhibited.In addition, there is a fan-shaped locomotive garage on the premises, where various types of steam locomotives are parked.Also possible to get on a passenger car pulled by a steam locomotive.There is no doubt that you will have a good time ...


Dai-nankou Sensekihi (Battle Field Monument)

This monument is located in the east of Ashiya city, it takes about 12 minutes walk from Uchide staion of Hanshin Electric Railway.It was built by the owner of this land in 1935 to respect Kusunoki Masashige(1294?- 1336), a military commander who existed in the 14th century, famous for fighting for Emperor Go-Daigo with loyalty.It is said that Kusunoki Masashige camped in this area to fight Great ...


Koroen Hama (Omaehama)

It is a sandy beach in the downstream of Shukugawa.It was a swimming beach in the past, it is now a place to enjoy walking or jogging.In each season, various birds can be seen around the mouth of the river and the beach, and also you can access to Omaehama bridge from here.In addition, this beach is famous as one of the scenes of the animation movie "Grave of the Fireflies".It is about 20 minutes...


Nishinomiya Battery

It is a battery built during the late Edo period, placed in Koroen hama.In the late Edo period, several warships of Western countries such as the United States and Russia came to Osaka bay frequenty.To counter such threat, the Tokugawa shogunate set several batteries along the coast of Kobe/Nishinomiya area for the defense of Osaka bay.This battery is one of the remained ones.It has 11 artillery ...