Bounen-kai in Umeda 2019

On December 29th, I had a year-end party (Bounen-kai) with my friends during elementary school era at an izakaya in Umeda, Osaka.Before entering the izakaya, I visited at a near-by shrine called Ohatsu-tenjin.In the shrine a board is set in which Rat is drawn(the rat represents 2020's Japanese zodiac).This time we enjoyed a fish pan (anglerfish hot pot), which is a popular winter dish.After that,...


Sushi Bar at Kasuganomichi

28th Dec 2019, I had lunch with a friend at a conveyor belt sushi bar in Kasuganomichi, Kobe to appreciate each other's efforts made this year.Most of the prices of the sushi are 100 to 200 yen, and also desserts and beer are on the menu.So, you can enjoy sushi very reasonable!After that, I went around a nearby electronics store and shopping mall and then parted there.Around Kasuganomichi or Iwaya...


Naruo Hama

The other day I went to a hot spa facility in Naruo Hama in Nishinomiya city (the southern part of Nishinomiya city ) to refresh my body with a hot spring bath.The photo shows the hot spring bath facility named Kumanono Sato located in the area.Here you can soak your body in the natural hot spring and enjoy Ganbanyoku (Hot stoned bath).Ganbanyoku means sauna-like spa which you lie on warm natura...


Nunobiki no Taki (waterfall)

Nunobiki no Taki (waterfall) is located in Kobe City Chuo Ward, consists of 4 waterfalls.The attached pictures are the two of them called "Mentaki (Female fall)" and "Ontaki (Male fall)".It is accessible from Shin-Kobe station of JR Shinkansen, and the distance is just about 10 minutes on foot.So, when you arrive at Shin Kobe station, it would be a good place to visit firstly to refresh your mind ...


Woody Town Chuo Station

Woody Town Chuo station is a terminal station of Kobe Electric Railway Koen-Toshi Line in Sanda city,Hyogo prefecture(located about 35 km northwest of Osaka)."Woody Town" is a new town developed in 1987.This well-maintained town has a large commercial complex and specialty shops.Attractive points of this town are having rich green and cleanness of the air.Access to Osaka or Kobe is easily possible...


Shukugawa in Autumn

I took a picture of Shukugawa river in Nishinomiya as attached in the afternoon this weekend.I enjoyed beautiful autumn leaves, which always fascinates me with their brilliant colors every time !The autumn has come to an end, and winter begins!...