Nankai Raiways limited express train "Southern" 10000 series (old painted version)

This photo is an old painted version of Nankai Raiways limited express train "Southern" 10000 series, taken at Namba Station in October 2015.In 2015, this train was painted as an old painted version to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the founding of Nankai Electric Railway.The Southern train, consists of four free-seat vehicles and four designated-seat vehicles, runs between Namba and Wakayam...


Kin no Yu / Gin no Yu (Arima Onsen)

"Kin no Yu" (Golden Bath) is a municipal hot-spring facility in the famous hot spring town "Arima Onsen" located at north part of Kobe. You can enjoy soaking your body into its unique hot spring water by paying 650 yen.The hot spring water contains a lot of iron and salt, so the colour always shows reddish brown due to exposure to air.Kin no Yu has also a facility called “Ashiyu” in which you can ...


New Year shrine/temple visit 2020 pt.2

On January 4th, I went to various places with my friends in addition to annual visit to a shrine in Kyoto.The destinations are as follows.Nishinomiya: Mondo Yakujin(Second time visit this year), Nishinomiya GardensKyoto: Seimei Shrine, Mikane ShrineOsaka: Central Umeda AreaAmagasaki: Amagasaki Castle, Amagasaki Ebisu Shrine,SpaIn the New Year, each railway company sells various types of reasonabl...


New Year's shrine/temple visit and Sun-rise 2020

I made the New Year's visit to Mondo Yakujin and Nishinomiya shrine as usual.In addition, I went to Omae Hama (Koroen Hama) to see the New Year's sun-rise and enjoy walking along the coast.I expected that there are less crowded as usual as I arrive at the both places in the early morning.But this time, the both places were a little bit crowded compared to the previous year.So, next year I may need...