Fresh green and Koinobori (May 2019)

The season of fresh green has come!I walked along Shukugawa river to enjoy the fresh green.As shown in the pictures, there are many "carp shaped streamers"(Koinobori) decorated across the river.It matched very well with fresh green, and was so beautiful!From early May you can see various kinds of "Koinobori" hung up outside houses or building etc. to celebrate Children's day on 5th May.The purpose...


Spring of Kobe Oji Zoo 2020

On April 4, 2020, after enjoying viewing of the cherry blossoms at Ashiyagawa, I took a train from Hankyu Railway Ashiyagawa Station to Oji koen Station to visit Kobe Oji Zoo.It is now becoming a customary to go to Oji Zoo with friends every spring!The cherry blossoms were almost in full bloom. We were able to see beautiful cherry blossoms in a clear and mild climate !In addition, it was very ha...


Ashiya's cherry blossoms 2020

On April 4th 2020, I walked from my home to Hankyu Ashiyagawa station and then got on a train to Oji Koen station to see the cherry blossoms of Kobe Oji Zoo, which has become an annual event with my friends and me!During the walk I photographed cherry trees planted along Ashiya river as attached photos.It seemed to me that it would take a little more time until the full bloom, but I enjoyed the be...