Himeji Station

The attached photos are the area around Himeji station of JR West Kobe Line, Shinkansen and Sanyo Electric Railway.In the surrounding area of the stations, there are a department store and newly constructed shopping mall.A main street runs from the stations towards Himeji castle, which seen from the street is very attractive.One of the attached photos is an express train of Sanyo Electric Railway ...


Akashi Municipal Planetarium

It is a picture taken from a train (Sanyo Electric Railway) which I rode on one day in early April 2018.This is a building "Akashi Municipal Planetarium" in Akashi city.It is opened in 1960, has a history of nearly 60 years, built on the Japan Standard Time Meridian of 135 degrees east longitude.Needless to say, the most popular event of this facility is a planetarium, projects a starlit sky about...