A Yacht called "Ahodori Nisei"

In the Expo '70 park in Suita city, Osaka ,there is a yacht called "Ahodori Nisei("Ahodori" means "albatross", "Nisei" means "2nd"), owned by a Japanese man, who successfully completed a round of the world with this yacht for the first time as a Japanese man.This yacht is also registered in the Guinness Book as the smallest boat to successfully complete a round the world.It is a great achieveme...


Expo '70 Commemorative Park

The other day in early aug 2020, I went to Expo '70 Commemorative Park in Suita City, Osaka with my friend. The World Expo was held in Osaka in 1970, and this year is 50th anniversary since it was held.The photos show a huge art building called the Tower of the Sun built for the Expo,the height is 72m and the width is 25m. If you come to Osaka, please take a look at this art building!It is situate...


Koshien Susanoo Shrine

On the other day's holiday, I visited a shrine called "Koshien Susanoo Shrine" adjacent to Hanshin Koshien baseball Stadium located in Nishinomiya.A ring called "chinowa"as shown in the photo was set up in the precincts, and it is said that if you pass through this ring as instructed, you can receive the benefits of disease-free.I wished the vanish of corona virus from the earth and the best healt...