Miki Station

This is the house of Miki station of Kobe Electric Railway Ao Line in Miki city, Hyogo Prefecture.I took the picture of this house in September 2015. The house was burned down on a day of March in 2018 due to spreading flames of fire generated from an adjacent house.I have thought to visit this house again someday since I like the house's retro atmosphere, so I feel unfortunate for this incident.I...


Takeda Castle Ruins

It is the ruins of a castle built on the top of a mountain, located in Asago city, Hyogo Prefecture.It is said that the castle was built about 500 years ago. The stone walls used for the foundation of the castle are remained.I think it is not exaggerated to say that this spot is described as "Machu Picchu in Japan", taking its geographical resemblance and beautiful scenery into consideration.Depen...